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I'm breastfeeding - what supplements do you recommend for me?Updated 13 days ago

You can take any of the supplements under our 'Pregnancy & Breastfeeding' tab on the website.

Our Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula to help you meet the increased nutrient demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding and can be really beneficial for restoring those nutrient stores after pregnancy, so I recommend taking this formula.

Our Lactation Support is a herbal formula to help support a healthy breastmilk supply and support mum's nervous system, so if you are struggling with supply or want to continue to maintain a healthy supply, you can take this alongside the tri23 :)

You can also take our Calcium & Magnesium Plus K2 & D3 to help you meet your calcium and magnesium RDIs. 

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