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Do I need to store any of your products in the fridge?Updated 2 months ago

Thank you for your enquiry :) 

We recommend storing our choline-containing supplements (Preconception Multi for Women, Preconception Multi for Men, Iron & Brain Support, Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding) in the fridge, especially during the summer, to avoid discolouration. This is just a recommendation, as our products are still fine to take whether they are stored in the fridge or below 25 degrees in a cool, dry place.

Discolouration is common with all choline-containing supplements as choline tends to absorb a lot of moisture from the air. We have found that storing in the fridge greatly reduces this, so we recommend giving it a go! Either way, they are fine to take as you normally would. 

If you have further question, please let us know.

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